About Richard


richard was the best of us.

There was a tangible aura that he emitted that made those he came in contact with a happier person. When he was around, there were far more smiles on people lips, more mischief in people’s eyes, and more adventure in the air. He was always doing something; he had to be out making this world better for us. His heart was kind, gentle, and honest. He was a beacon of joy, a light in a room, truly the life of the party.

His friends will tell you

that in this endeavor he was more than successful, he created moments and memories out of the smallest things. He touched more people’s lives than most of us can ever imagine. Not necessarily in the large life altering ways, though he did do that, but in the little things. He could make anyone’s day and he would without even thinking. There was this effortlessness to the way he went through life, as if nothing could go wrong. “He was a man, he could do anything.” And he did.

With his family he climbed mountains,

swam with dolphins, overcame every obstacle put before him and came out on the other side smiling. There is no person most of us have or ever will look up to more. He will continue to inspire us as he inspired everyone he ever met. He accomplished so much throughout his life, constantly striving to be the best he could be. He was respected as a leader, not because he had authority, but because he was dedicated to the people he led. His compassion shone through in everything he did, in every choice he made. His family and friends remain in awe of this man, this boy, who could touch the lives of so many. He knew how to live. He did it right.


From Richard's Friends and Family


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